USST 2020/21 Uniform Reveal

USST 2020/21 Uniform Reveal

U.S. Ski Team Gear Is Here

For over 30 years Spyder has provided uniforms to the U.S. Ski Team. We have worked with the athletes to perfect all the fine details and needs of the highest performing skiers in the world.

Typically, there is a big USST uniform reveal party in Copper Colorado at the beginning of November. This year was a bit different due to health safety measures. However, the team was able to have a full uniform handout with athletes coming in to get their new uniforms. We are VERY proud of the uniforms this year. Take a look and shop the collection. A portion of your purchase on our U.S. Team collection goes back to supporting the U.S. Ski Team.

Alice Merryweather

'I'm so proud of this year's uniforms. This being year 2 of 3 in a new design theme we've been working on, heavily patriotic look while not being too 'in your face' Red, White and Blue. We've taken more feedback from our USST athletes regarding specific details and functionality of every style, as well as brought a more youthful and energetic look to the overall theme. Our overall goal has been to create a look that makes our athletes the envy of the skiing circuits, and we believe we have done just that.' -Drew Roberts (Spyder Team Manager).

'I'd say that we really wanted to do something bold and a bit disruptive but definitely felt like something that came from the USA. -Tony Torrance (U.S. Ski Team Uniform Designer).

'You guys knocked it out of the park man! I've had some guys from other national teams tell me they were so jealous. LOVE THEM!' -River Radamus (U.S. Ski Team Athlete).

'I love the uniforms. They're sick! And we've been getting loads of compliments on them -Alice Merryweather (U.S. Ski Team Athlete).