Tips for Staying Warm on the Mountain

Tips for Staying Warm on the Mountain

When you are too hot or too cold on the slopes, you are uncomfortable. There are more factors that go into temperature regulation than you probably think about. Maximize your time on the slopes this season. From body temperature regulation to correct layering and overall preparation, here are our 5 pointers to staying the right temp this season!

Step 1: Preparation.

Even if you aren't going backcountry skiing, take a look at the weather the day before you are heading out. Get an idea on snow conditions, wind speeds and overall temperature.


Step 2: Layering.

More is always better. If you are driving up, you can always leave an extra item in the car. Your buddy might appreciate it if they forgot an item. If you are a bit cold when you get out of your car, you are dressed appropriately. If you can, bring a thin pair of liners for your gloves and remember to wear ski socks that aren't too thick as they can cut off circulation.


Step 3: Advanced Fabrics.

We get it, you love that resort branded cotton hoodie...but it isn't always meant for the slopes (especially if you plan on sweating). Save it for après. Get the right fabrics that breathe and move moisture quickly. From synthetic polyester blends to full on merino wool there are plenty of options out there. Stay away from cotton and always think about your baselayer first as it is in direct contact with your skin and one of the most important pieces in the layering lineup.


Step 4: Perspiration.

This is a tricky one. We all have different ability levels as well as cardio levels. However, when it comes to winter activity and warmth, sweat is the enemy. We always encourage a good workout and if you have followed steps 1-3 appropriately, hopefully you won't be pouring sweat only to freeze while riding the lift. If you are in it for the whole day, make sure to keep the vents open and the exertion level below your 'sweat threshold'.

Cold Weather

Step 5: Don't Be A Hero.

Frostbite is a real thing. No need to stay out from bell to bell if it is -10 out. Hand and toe warmers are always a good thing to leave in the car for those just-in-case situations. No shame in using them. There are always more ski days to be had and frostbite lasts a lifetime.