The Gore-Tex Difference

The Gore-Tex Difference

At Spyder we take a lot of pride in the fact that almost all of our jackets and pants provide some of the best protection from wind and water that money can buy, thanks to our partnership with Gore-Tex®. Here at Spyder, we simply make outerwear that we are proud of. Gore-Tex® on the other hand is responsible for making products that extend far beyond the confines of the ski industry. For over 40 years, Gore-Tex® has been refining their technologies and expanding the scope of their uses. Take a deeper dive into just how remarkable Gore-Tex® really is.

Trusted on the Moon and in Surgery
Gore products have been to the moon, can reside in the human body, and are found in everyday technologies from guitar strings to electronics. Furthermore, their cutting edge membrane (seen below) has been used in pharmaceutical devices in the form of sutures and even as a patch used in cardiovascular surgeries.


A Porous Solution

Gore-Tex® membrane has over 9 BILLION pores per square inch, allowing it to remain durably waterproof and windproof, while remaining exceptionally breathable. These microscopic pores are 20,000x smaller than a water droplet, rendering it impenetrable to rain, snoww, and sleet. Meanwhile, these same pores are 700x larger than a water vapor molecule; enabling Gore-Tex® fabric to release sweat vapor, so you stay dry on the inside.


Tested Rigorously by Science

Gore-Tex® products are tested rigorously in the lab and field to ensure that garments can meet the demand of your adventures and ensure their guarantee to keep you dry. Tests performed on materials, products in the lab, products on humans in the lab, and, finally, in the field. A rain tower that simulates a range of realistic rain fall rates and creates wind-driven rain in addition to an environmental chamber that can simulate a broad range of temperature, relative humidity, and wind speed while accurately replicating solar radiation allows Gore-Tex® to simulate the environmental conditions on 85% of Earth's surface.


Built to Last, Easy to Care For

Regular care (not just at the end of the season) will ensure excellent performance and and extended lifespan of your gear, which is good for your wallet and the environment. What does this look like? Regularly washing, drying, and, when necessary, reapplying DWR (Durable Water Repellent).

gore washing machine

Spyder + Gore-Tex® Integration

When the likes of Chris Davenport, Bobby Brown, Amie Engerbretson, and, well, the entire U.S. Ski Team trust you to keep them protected on the hill, the most logical next step is to integrate industry-leading technology into nearly every product. That's why we've partnered with Gore-Tex® to ensure that you can seal the bad weather out, while allowing your body to breathe. So whether you're lapping the skin track in dumping snow, or getting late season slushy resort turns in under bluebird skies, our outerwear that includes Gore-Tex® technology is guaranteed to keep you dry.