Our Freeski Story

Our Freeski Story

It has been awhile since Spyder has been a part of the Freeski game. Why bring it back? We feel like there is so much that Spyder can bring to the table as far as technical design and features for the freeskiing culture. So here is Our Freeski Story.

We were built on the foundation of technical expertise and design in 1978. Our primary goal will always be to provide the highest quality products we can to every aspect of skiing. We strongly believe in bridging the gap between all types of snow sports. Our purpose at Spyder is to use everything at our disposal to build the perfect garment to protect you on the slopes regardless of where on the mountain you enjoy skiing. Fortunately, our design process starts with the input of ex pro skiers, experienced designers and some of the world’s best professional skiers.

In the rise of the sport of freeskiing in the late 90’s, and first decade of the 2000’s, we sponsored some of the Founding Fathers of freeskiing with our Venom collection. Athletes like Shane McConkey, Seth Morrison, C.R. Johnson, Corey Vanular, JP Auclair and Kent Kreitler helped shape today's identity of freeskiing and Spyder.

Spyder is Skiing

This is why we stepped back into the freesking culture and we couldn’t be more excited for it. Are we stepping away from our roots and alpine? Quite the contrary. We have simply expanded our focus to a wider range of products to support the racing community, the recreational alpine skier, the big mountain skier, the park skier, the U.S. Ski Team or even just a passionate extreme tuber if that’s your thing. We aim to continue to grow and support skiers in all aspects of skiing as we have done for the past 40 years. Beyond anything, we enjoy making new products for new consumers. We love getting consumer feedback, welcome it and use it to make better products for you year after year.

Yes, we are a premium brand. Can you find jackets elsewhere that are less expensive? Most certainly. However, we pride ourselves on our product and the time and energy spent creating some of the best and longest lasting jackets on the market. To start, we use the best quality materials and fabrics we can find. In fact, we have multiple fabrics in market this season made for us and only being used by us. Our outerwear and prices are a testament to the quality we hold ourselves to. We take time and expertise designing products tailored specifically to every discipline of skiing. We’re so confident in our products that we offer a lifetime warranty to you. Our new freeski line is no exception. We spent 2 years talking with athletes and developing a line built to move and stretch to perform exactly how you would want it to. From insulated phone pockets to skin clips all designed with a freeski look and feel, this line is designed with every detail thought out.

The biggest differentiator with this line is the technical design of the product for the price. We partnered with the best of the best in the industry (GORE-TEX® and PrimaLoft®, among others) to create a product that not only fits into the freeski scene but is absolutely bombproof.

So there you have it. Spyder Freeski is back and not going anywhere.