Let's Get Ready

Let's Get Ready

It's time to put away the beach body and get those ski legs in condition. There is nothing worse than having to cut a great day short because of tired legs. To gear up for the season we tapped River Radamus for some tips he uses to get into top form.

Air Tuck Squat/ Low Tuck Hold Alternation Circuit

Works: Quad Strength endurance.

Action: 30 seconds air squats to 30 seconds hold nonstop for 3 to 4 sets. This is a great workout finisher that feels like you got a lot done in a short time. It doesn’t seem like much, but trust me, your legs will be burning by the end. can progress to BOSU ball or other balance challenge as you see fit.

BOSU Ball Toe Tap Reaches

Works: Proprioception, balance, quad tension

Action: Great starter exercise is all about proprioception and balance. Keys are to keep core and quad tension, and to move slowly.
Weighted Toe Raises

Works: Anterior Tibialis strengthening

Action: These are targeting the anterior tibialis, or outside shin muscles. I’ve found these muscles are highly important for flexing the boot and initiating the turn.

Single Leg Standing Kettlebell Transfers

Works: Foot, Hip, and Ankle strength

Action: These focus on foot, ankle, and hip strengthening. As you progress, try variations on the BOSU ball, or with shoes off to challenge balance.

Eccentric Nordic Hamstring Curls

Works: Hamstring activation and strengthening

Action: A tough exercise, but one that gets directly to the hamstring. Start easy, but as you progress, lower yourself more slowly and catch yourself further down in the movement.
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