A Week At Bobby's

A Week At Bobby's

Alex, Birk, Mac And Benny ready for another lap. Thank you Winter Park for opening a lift for us.

If you’ve watched Bobby Brown edits over the years then you’ve probably seen one of his “Top to Bottom” edits where in one continuous shot he’ll navigate his way through trees, over cliffs, zigging and zagging lift towers for about two minutes of pure flow. Well Bobby thought to himself, “What if this was a competition?”

With the help of one of the best park builders in the world, Charles Beckinsale, and the Winter Park Rail Yard crew, Bobby and friends pulled together one of the most unique freeski competitions you’ve ever seen with rails, tree bonks, step downs, side hits and a step-on-step-off. Though Bobby is still recovering from an early season injury he invited some of the top skiers in the world to show their style including four of our own Spyder Athletes: Mac Forehand, Alex Hall, Birk Irving and Benny Smith.

Spyder: Where did the idea come from?

Bobby: The idea stemmed from the one-lines I’ve done at Breckenridge, Mammoth and Winter Park. They were always solo projects, so we wanted to open it up to a group of skiers and really just see how the best riders in the world would approach the course. Adding different elements to the course was a big point for us and something we want to expand upon in the future. It’s not just about tricks and the features but more about the overall flow and carving.

Spyder: How do you feel about the event now, are there any surprises that you weren’t expecting?

Bobby: The build was really difficult. It took the talents of Charles Beckinsale to bring this to life. We really wanted to make it a challenge to get to the bottom, but not too crazy that linking a one line would be impossible. The riders proved that we could up the ante next year. This year we didn’t make things too big. I really want to build massive features while keeping the flow element.

Spyder: What are you looking forward to for next year?

Bobby: I can’t wait to get a bigger group of riders involved next year. My favorite part was seeing the unique lines. I’m so hyped to watch a bigger group dissect the course and put their own twist on it.


Alex and crew ready for another drop.

Mac hiking in the last light of the day.

Birk opts for the sled ride.

Golden Hour

A Hall feeling good.

Birk cheesin' all week.

Mac repping next years Belford Windbreaker