A Day in the life of Jared & Nyman

A Day in the life of Jared & Nyman

We've all seen the arms raised expression of exultation after these guys fly through the finish line. That moment is built on hours, months and years of putting your life on the line, simple snacks to keep you going and distant travels with your team to all regions of the world.

While the daily grind of a US Ski Team athlete may look very appealing, the risk of serious injury is always looming. As we were working with Jared and Steven for this piece a third Spyder athlete, Alice Merryweather, took a scary crash while training. The unpredictability of skiing at the highest level is both what drives these athletes and keeps them grounded. After riding on edge all day something as simple as a PB&J is the perfect snack.

If you've ever wondered what it takes to make it through the rigorous training season, give the video below a watch to see how Jared Goldberg and Steven Nyman are managing their time in the early fall season of training.

Jared and Steven